Let's face it, a VACATION is one of-- if not THE-- biggest things folks look forward to all year long. You save your money & your days off to take a preciously earned vacation, which means you have INVESTED your precious time & finances into this. A vacation IS an investment, after all! That means your vacation better be GOOD, if not GREAT. So how can you ensure that it is? By NOT booking this preciously earned vacation on a website! Especially if your vacation is a BIG trip like a honeymoon or anniversary trip, it is of UTMOST importance to ensure that nothing bad happens & your vacation is smooth as silk & as worry-free as possible!


There are so many places on the internet "blink-blinking" at you to book on their websites. Why do you think that is? There are so many sites offering the "cheapest price", "best deal", "lowest offer", etc. That may or may not be true. Also, EVERYTHING looks good on the internet, otherwise it wouldn't be there. Not everything that glitters is gold, as we all know. These internet sites want your money, that's all... they do NOT back up their sale (which you did all the work searching & clicking to book) with service, quality assurance, personal knowledge of the destination, personalized travel tips for your destination, going the extra mile to make you happy, NONE of that. Price is the only driving factor on these sites; if price is the only important thing to consider, please go to them immediately!



WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT? GETTING WHAT YOU PAID FOR! Which the internet cannot guarantee! (Read the fine print!)


Is price the ONLY thing that matters to you? Really? What about actually getting what you paid for, what you agreed to buy?! The internet won’t promise you that… in fact, these internet sites will make you agree to their fine print that you may NOT get what you buy! Crazy, isn’t it?! What about saving hours & hours of time looking & not knowing if what you are looking at is really what it seems… what about quality assurance (making sure what you buy IS good!), knowing the person you are talking to (& it's a PERSON, not a website, & not an anonymous 800-line!)… what about knowing where & with whom you are spending your precious vacation funds… what about speaking to someone with personal knowledge of your destination… what about having an advocate in case of flight disruption/schedule change/natural disaster/death in the family/international crisis, etc. Your vacation (that you had to earn money & save vacations days for), the one you spent all those hours & effort to book on Orbitz only needs one bad little thing to happen to send any hope of your precious vacation INTO Orbit!





If you book on the internet, you belong to NOBODY, which basically means you are exactly that.

What does this mean? Well, if you book on an internet site, you are one of the anonymous millions out there in the world who clicked on a website to buy something. Who cares? The internet sites don't. So, when the flight is oversold or the hotel has only a few rooms left, the hotel's "problem room" (& every hotel in the world has a "problem room" or two or twenty… it's the room with the bad location, funny smell, next to the elevator, etc.) has to go to someone, & guess who that is? The "nobody", the internet customer! Some websites even contract under-the-table to offer a substandard category of rooms (the worst rooms) to internet customers just to be able to offer the cheapest deal. Did you hear that? CHEAPEST INTERNET DEAL= WORST ROOM! OR even worse, the hotel is oversold, meaning there are too many guests arriving & not enough rooms (which is common with internet bookings these days)… so guess who gets "bumped", involuntarily sent to another hotel without their consent? The "nobody", the internet customer! Did you get that? INTERNET CUSTOMER= FIRST TO GO BYE-BYE! Ask someone who's had this happen, & they will tell you ALL about it. Or, WORST of all, the internet customer arrives at the hotel, only to be told, "Sorry, we can't find your reservation"! Did you catch that one? INTERNET CUSTOMER= SORRY, CAN'T FIND YOU! And they charged your credit card for your trip & took your money for it! THEN WHAT? Do you have an extra $1000 to cover your stay in the meantime? Better yet, who do you call? Did you see them pull that fast one? INTERNET BOOKING= PROVE THEY TOOK YOUR MONEY, PAY AGAIN IN THE MEANTIME! Even if they offer you "compensation" at another hotel or a refund, that's not the point… you took the time off, you scheduled your precious vacation, you packed your bags & flew all those hours, you are THERE to start your vacation right THEN at THAT hotel, & they are denying you that! Your vacation is ruined, whether temporarily or permanently… & nobody wants to start a vacation like that. Even more importantly, if it is a BIG trip like a honeymoon or anniversary trip, it is of UTMOST importance to ensure that nothing like this happens & your vacation is smooth as silk & as worry-free as possible!



This could be you as a smiling Tiki Trips client in a sea of frowning internet customers!





To reserve your trip well in advance, we only require a DEPOSIT! That’s right, unlike many places on the internet, you do NOT have to pay in full when you book if you book in advance! (Unless you are traveling within 60 days from the day you make your reservation… anything close to departure—within 60 days—will require payment in full quickly). Only trips leaving soon require payment in full… the rest of the time you only need to make a deposit to make your reservations & hold the space! That is EXCELLENT, happy news for many, especially honeymooners who do not have several thousand dollars to plunk down right this minute. In many instances, if you waited until you DID save up to have the money to go, your trip would be MUCH higher and/or sold out by that time! So it PAYS to get that trip reserved as soon as possible… the longer you wait, the higher it will be!


 # 2-- WE STAND BEHIND WHAT WE SELL--the buck stops here!

First & foremost, you are a CLIENT of Tiki Trips, NOT a "customer" & definitely not a "nobody" like you are on the internet… you are a SOMEBODY, our CLIENT. This is where the difference starts. We do everything in our power to ensure a great vacation for our clients. You will know your agent's name, & we will know yours. Personalized service is the name of the game. We have strong, long-term industry relationships… you are our client, & we are a client of the airline & hotel AND the tour company with whom we made your arrangements, therefore we can make special requests & get VIP treatment if needed. Before you even arrive at your destination, the airline & the hotel & everyone else already know who you belong to--Tiki Trips & our affiliates-- so you are the LAST one they will choose to give a problem to (& usually the first for a better located room, upgrade, & various other special treatment!) So…. if on the rare chance you have a problem on your vacation, you have someone to call--US!-- & we have our industry reps & entire chains of command to help us deal with the issue. If you ever have a problem, we are your best friend & their worst enemy, plain & simple. HOWEVER, it usually never comes to that! Why? Because the airline or hotel can see who you belong to (us & all of our industry contacts & their chains of command!), so you are the LAST person they want to give problems to… if needed they will go pick on someone else (the "nobody", the internet customer!) to give the bad room or involuntarily bump to another hotel. And who better than that anonymous "nobody" guy who booked on some website? If the airline or hotel bumps the internet customer, they only upset one guy… if they bump our client, they would upset us & all of our industry contacts & their chains of command… that could be dozens or even hundreds of people, & they could be hearing about this from all of these people for days or weeks!  SO, if you were the hotel manager, who would you give the problem to,  the "nobody" internet customer or a "somebody", a personal client of Tiki Trips & ALL of our affiliates? You get the idea! 


 # 3-- EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING… & we pass that on to you!

We at Tiki Trips interview you to help you decide what destination & accommodations are best suited to you. And how do we know? Because we have BEEN there, stayed at that hotel, seen the surroundings, & experienced it! EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING, as the saying goes, & KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. We are very selective in what we sell, therefore our website only offers what we know will make our clients happy. Also, you cannot book on our website because we want to ensure you that you are given utmost personalized service & that you receive what you want & need. Frequently, what a client thinks he needs or wants turns out to be different than what he actually chooses in the end because we may offer a better suggestion on place or accommodations or special deal or help him afford what he did not think he could. If he had simply clicked on the internet, he would not have had the better place or better price that we showed him personally!



This goes along with what was mentioned above… everything is not great, therefore we do not sell everything. NOBODY WANTS TO BUY GARBAGE, THEREFORE WE DON'T SELL IT. We will be honest with you about your selection, sometimes even resulting in the loss of a sale on a rare occasion. Why? Because we want you to be HAPPY with your vacation! If we sell you a trip to a bad place or even a mediocre one, you are going to have a bad or mediocre trip… & then how excited will you be about calling us again or sending others to us? But if we initially told you no, we would then show you an alternative place or give another suggestion… you may not buy anything, but then you have also not bought garbage & you won't be able to blame us later for a bad trip! We want you to be HAPPY with a GREAT trip, & that's what we will help you find!



We at Tiki Trips want to do everything in our power to make sure you have a great vacation! Why? Our reputation is everything to us. If you have a bad time, you'll never come back to us & we lose your business forever… but if you have a positive, happy experience, you'll come back to us again & again, & you'll probably send your friends to us as well! And that makes YOU happy, US happy, & everyone WINS!


 # 6 -- EXTRA BENEFITS! (Exclusive offers, parties & perks!)

Because you are a client of Tiki Trips, we offer YOU our very special trip offers FIRST on our exciting upcoming trips, well before they are announced to the "general public"... we also offer certain exclusive specials & perks to our "Tiki Heads" that no one else gets! It pays to be a client of Tiki Trips!

We at Tiki Trips believe in treating our clients more as friends than anything… after all, good will goes a long way! Therefore, we throw parties & offer perks throughout the year (other agencies & internet sites wouldn't DREAM of doing this!). Ready to party? We throw an annual monster LUAU just for our client friends! Thirsty? Come by our office ANYtime, we have a cold one waiting for you! Hungry? We have dinner parties & open houses throughout the year, especially right before our GIANT trips we take several times a year! Headed to Hawaii? We order fresh flower leis for you to be greeted with upon your arrival in Hawaii & we have a top-of-the-line guidebook we have special ordered, bought just for you. Going to be in Maui for a few days? We will give you the phone numbers & addresses of our friends & local contacts, they will be expecting you! Want to travel with friends, yet you can't get any of your friends motivated? Don’t wait on them, come travel with the Tiki Heads! (See # 7 below). We believe in doing things “outside the box”… come see us & experience the difference with Tiki Trips!



We have a group of traveling friends who travel the world called the “TIKI HEADS”!  We’ve been many places such as: CHINA, TAHITI, GREECE, HAWAII, RIVIERA MAYA, GERMANY, FRANCE, CARIBBEAN CRUISES, COSTA RICA, FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA, JAMAICA, CABO, BAHAMAS, PUERTO RICO, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, CANADA, you name it, we have been near & far. Our "Tiki Heads" travelers are our friends & friends-of-friends referred to us over the years... therefore, you are among friends! We are a very welcoming, friendly, non-exclusive (non-snooty!) group who like to have a great time... we look out for each other on the trip... we include each other on outings & meals & activities... just like friends do. (Bailing persons out of jail not included!! ha ha). The "buddy system" rules with us! So if you are a rookie Tiki Head & don't know many folks (or anyone!), don't worry, you'll only be a stranger for about TWO minutes! WELCOME is the word!! Check out more info about our Tiki Heads at:



You can spend hours or even DAYS or WEEKS looking at webpages on the internet… & still not be able to decide! The big question is: how do you know what you are looking at on the internet is good or bad? After all, EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD ON THE INTERNET, OTHERWISE IT WOULDN'T BE ON THERE. Wow. It's a roll of the dice. And what if your trip is the ONE trip you’ve saved for that you’ll take all year… or even MORE important, it’s your HONEYMOON? You cannot afford to get it wrong, which is so easy to do on the internet! What to do??? Simply call us, we’ll help you decide on something positively wonderful, & you have saved hours of your valuable time & a possible bad choice off the internet! And how do we know? Because we have BEEN there & experienced it personally… & we back up what we sell, so you have someone to call “just in case”… this is HUGE peace-of-mind when you have more important things to worry about like planning a wedding, raising a family, keeping up with your busy schedule, or just making ends meet!



We work very hard negotiating a good deal for you, so you can always rest assured that our price is very competitive, possibly lower than what you may find on your own for that time. Keep in mind that WE ARE NOT SELLING WHAT THE INTERNET IS… the internet does not guarantee that you get what you buy (we do!), the internet is not giving you the best room of that category (we do!), the internet does it give you extras, bonuses, perks (we do!), or a contact to call in case something goes awry (we do!). THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE. So… that means you don't have to knock yourself out trying to find a great place, a great price, & quality assurance, we have all of those covered! Add that great price & place with all the benefits listed above & other extras we include, & you've hit the jackpot!

And last but not least…



Because we sell happiness, we are friendly, happy people! We want you to "hear" our smile on the phone & feel it in our spirit, our office, our website, our brochures, our parties, our trips, everything! Folks tell us they feel like they are talking to a friend, & we do our best to treat them as such. Folks say that they can tell we LOVE what we do & that it SHOWS. We want that to be your experience, too! We love our business… we experience & sell vacations to amazing places. What in that equation is bad? Nothing!






A little footnote…

Our logo & "mascot" is the Tiki, officially a statue of South Pacific/Polynesian origin. We chose it for many reasons. In ancient times, the Tiki was worshipped & prayed to for peace, prosperity, safety, & happiness. Hmmm, don't you want your vacation to be all of those things? In modern times, the Tiki has come to be a symbol of exotic locales, & it has evolved further to something even more basic... the Tiki symbolizes "VACATION". Furthermore, studies have shown that the image of a Tiki with its big, dramatic face & giant growling or grinning mouth puts a SMILE on folks' faces. Who doesn't want that?!





Please don’t hesitate to contact us… we are here & happy to help you plan your next amazing trip!



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All payments are non-refundable once made; please be certain of travel plans before payment. PASSPORTS ARE NOW REQUIRED FOR U.S. CITIZENS TRAVELING TO ALL INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS (including MEXICO, CARIBBEAN ISLANDS & CANADA)... get one soon! (Passports can be obtained through your local gov't tax office or main U.S. post office… please visit our website's main page at the bottom for more helpful info on obtaining a passport). Don't forget to re-confirm all flights with the airline 24 hrs prior to travel for any last-minute changes, & be sure to arrive at the airport 2 hrs before departure with proper identification. Happy travels!